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Understanding Binge Eating in Men

Did you know that men suffer from binge eating just as much as women do? Let’s take a look at a recent study on binge eating in men.

According to an article at, “Men that Suffer from Binge Eating”

7207410_s“An Invisible Problem Comes to Light

While men make up about 10 percent of patients with anorexia and bulimia, both sexes struggle almost equally with binge eating. According to the Binge Eating Disorder Association, 40 percent of the estimated 10 million Americans who binge eat are men. In a recent study of 46,351 men and women ages 18 to 65 published in The International Journal of Eating Disorders, roughly 11 percent of women and 7.5 percent of men struggled with binge eating.

Binge eating is defined as consuming large amounts of food within a two-hour period at least twice per week, combined with loss of control. Those struggling with this disorder often consume thousands of calories in one sitting, followed by an overwhelming sense of shame and self-loathing, which leads to further bingeing.

The causes and underlying mechanisms of binge eating are similar to other eating disorders. Binge eaters may suffer from low self-esteem, past trauma or weight-related bullying, or use food to numb emotions and cope with stress. The symptoms of binge eating disorder are similar in men and women, and include:

  • Repeatedly eating large amounts of food in short periods of time, without purging
  • Feeling out of control around food
  • Eating in secret or hiding food
  • Eating regardless of hunger and until uncomfortably full
  • Eating to relieve difficult feelings
  • Feeling shame, self-hatred, disgust or despair after overeating
  • Frequently dieting or taking other measures to control weight and eating habits” To read the entire article click here.

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